Posted by: Upāsaka | 11/13/2016

Safety Pins for the Heart


Despite my best efforts, I’ve pretty much been a wreck for the past week. Afraid. Afraid for my wife. Afraid for my kids. Afraid for the millions of people victimized by our president-elect’s rhetoric. So far, the only respite from the horror, has been to pledge myself to defend others. To vow to be a refuge for those being victimized.

But, there is a lot of internal work to be done if I hope to do so without adding fuel to the fire. Fear, hatred and anger are no basis for compassionate action so, until further notice, I’m returning my focus completely to cultivating the brahmaviharas. I can’t live in fear a day longer and, the truth is, in Trump’s America I don’t know if outside circumstances will be anything but fearful for at least the next four years.

May I love my enemies.

May I forgive those who harm me and my loved ones.

May I cultivate compassion and loving-kindness for all.


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