Posted by: Upāsaka | 11/06/2016

This Too Shall Pass

In the midst of familial turmoil I have been able to keep a pretty even keel and it is almost completely thanks to the Dhamma. I was listening to an Ajahn Brahm talk this morning about dealing with pain and at some point he brought up the story of the price with the ring that had the words of today’s title inscribed in it. So, during good times he would remember not to get carried away and in bad times he would have the perspective to knew they would come to an end. 

As I washed the dishes this morning and listened to the parable I realized today not only well this pass but, if I continue practicing, I can expect for things to get much better in the future. In fact, if I practice well I have a chance at the ultimate goal: Nibbana. 

This Dhamma and this discipline, when practiced well and understood, are the best reasons to be optimistic that there ever have been. 


  1. Yes, but we even have to let go of any expectations. The trouble of expecting good things to happen is that we can become attached to outcomes. I am learning this, as I expected a book of mine to be published and so far it hasnt! But good opportunity to practice patience and perserverance!

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