Posted by: Upāsaka | 11/04/2016

Divorce Again

It seems that my wife brings up the theme of divorce pretty regularly. This time as a result of my displeasure at the idea that she would want to take the kids to live abroad with then I’ve she completes her midwifery training. I simply wanted to be given equal consideration in such a large change as expressed my incredulity that we could accommodate such a thing. For whatever reason this really angered her and after several episodes of screaming age blaming me for being a white, male, chauvinistic oppressor (literally) she upped the ante with the d-word. 

Yes, I’m scared and don’t feel up to the challenge quite yet and I also think it’s horrible for the kids but what am I to do? Really, through death or divorce the marriage will end and if she so chooses I can’t stop her. Having been consigned to the couch May I make the best of this time through nekkhama and brahmacariya practice. May my wife be free from suffering and happy of heart. May she be free from aversion and ill-will. May may children be well, happy, peaceful and protected. 

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