Posted by: Upāsaka | 08/16/2016

The Dangers of Anger 

Bhante Sujiva had compiled a list of the eleven disadvantages of a heart lacking metta to complement the well-known Mettanisamsa sutta. 

Maybe it’s just a faulty perception or silly belief but in these past days I have felt more vulnerable to harm than when I am consciously living with a heart full of loving-kindness and compassion and the Venerable’s commentary seems to lend my idea some credence. At the very least, I think they’re a useful way to think about the issue and hope you might as well:

Alternatively, just as in the eleven blessings of metta, one may also systematically recollect the adverse effects of anger: 

  1. He sleeps unhappily (and with difficulty)
  2. He wakes up unhappily 
  3. He dreams bad dreams  
  4. Humans dislike him 
  5. Non-humans dislike him 
  6. Devas do not protect him and demons haunt him! 
  7. He is likely to meet with violence and dangers
  8. His complexion is ugly and he suffers ill health 
  9. He dies confused 
  10. His mind is agitated and is difficult to calm down 
  11. When he dies, he falls into the woeful states.

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