Posted by: Upāsaka | 08/10/2016

Mangala Sutta – Discourse on Blessings

Êvam me sutam

Thus I have heard:

Êkam samayam bhagavâ
On one occasion the Blessed One
Sâvatthiyam viharati Jetavane
was dwelling at the monastery of
Anâtha-pindikassa ârâme
Anathapindika in Jeta’s Grove, near Savatthi.
Atha kho aññâtarâ devatâ
When the night was far spent,
Abhikkantâya rattiyâ abhikkanta-vannâ
a certain deity whose surpassing splendour
kevala-kappam Jetavanam Obhâsetvâ
illuminated the entire Jeta Grove,
yena Bhagavâ ten’upasankami
came to the presence of the Blessed One,
Upasankamitvâ bhagavantam
and drawing near, respectfully saluted and
Abhivâdetvâ ekamantam atthâsi
stood at one side.
Ekamantam thitâ kho, sâ devatâ
Standing thus, the deity
Bhagavantam gâthâya ajjhabhâsi
addressed the Blessed One in verse:

Bahû devâ manussâ ca – Mangalâni acintayum
Many deities and men, yearning after good,
Âkankha-mânâ sotthânam – Brûhi mangala muttamam
have pondered on Blessings. Pray, tell me the Supreme Blessing.

Asevanâ ca bâlânam – Panditânan ca sêvanâ
Not to follow or associate with fools, to associate with the wise,
Pûjâ ca pûja-nîyânam – Etam mangala muttamam
and honour those who are worthy of honour. This is the Supreme Blessing.

Patirûpa-desa vâsô ca – Pubbe ca kata-puññatâ
To reside in a suitable locality, to have done meritorious actions in the past,
Atta sammâ panidhi ca – Etam mangala muttamam
and to have set oneself on the right course (towards emancipation). This is the Supreme Blessing.

Bâhu saccanca sippañca – Vinayo ca susikkhito
Vast-learning, perfect handicraft, a highly trained discipline
Subhâsitâ ca yâ vâcâ – Etam mangala muttamam
and pleasant speech. This is the Supreme Blessing.

Mâtâ pitû upatthânam – Putta dârassa sangaho
The support of father and mother, the cherishing of wife and children
Anâkulâ ca kammantâ – Etam mangala muttamam
and peaceful occupations. This is the Supreme Blessing.

Dânam ca dhamma-cariyâ ca – Ñâtakânañca sangaho
Liberality, righteous conduct, the helping of relatives
Anavajjâni kammâni – Êtam mangala muttamam
and blameless actions. This is the Supreme Blessing.

Ârati virati pâpâ – Majja-pânâ ca saññamo
To cease and abstain from evil, forbearance with respect to intoxicants
Appa-mâdo ca dhammesu – Etam mangala muttamam
and steadfastness in virtue. This is the Supreme Blessing.

Gâravo ca nivâto ca – Santutthi ca kataññutâ
Reverence, humility, contentment, gratitude and
Kâlena dhamma savanam – Etam mangala muttamam
opportune hearing of the Dhamma. This is the Supreme Blessing.

Khanti ca Sovacassatâ – Samanâ nañca dassanam
Patience, obedience, sight of the Samanas (holy men)
Kâlena dhamma sâkacchâ – Êtam mangala muttamam
and religious discussions at due season. This is the Supreme Blessing.

Tapô ca brahma cariyâca – Ariya saccâna dassanam
Self-control, pure life, perception of the Noble Truths
Nibbâna sacchi kiriyâca – Etam mangala muttamam
and the realisation of Nibbana. This is the Supreme Blessing.

Putthassa lôka dhammehi – Cittam yassa na kampati
He whose mind does not flutter, by contact with worldly contingencies,
Asokam virajam khemam – Etam mangala muttamam
sorrowless, stainless and secure. This is the Supreme Blessing.

Etâ-disâni katvâna – Sabbattha maparâjitâ
To them, fulfilling matters such as these, everywhere invincible,
Sabbattha sotthim gacchanti – Tam tesam mangala-muttamamti
in every way moving happily. These are the Supreme Blessings.

Etena sacca vajjena – Sotthi me/te hotu sabbadâ
By the firm determination of this truth may I/you ever be well.
Etena sacca vajjena – Sabba rogo vinasatu
By the firm determination of this truth may I/you be free from illness.
Etena sacca vajjena – Hotu me/te jaya mangalam
By the firm determination of this truth may peaceful victory be mine/yours!

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