Posted by: Upāsaka | 05/24/2016

Putting the Brakes on a Bad Day

I have been finding lots of great opportunities to work with quotidian adversity as a way to cultivate the paramis in every situation with which I’m faced. The idea of meeting every experience with a lion’s roar, of refusing to find into fear of anxiety and to cultivate an attitude of good cheer had been incredibly energizing but, since this is samsara, none of that is permanent.

Today I woke up feeling a little odd, my formal meditation was filled with apocalyptic images and wanderings and the morning to on a sour tone. I was fortunate enough to get vote these adversities as stepping stones and guide posts so I was not completely overwhelmed.

I paused to breathe while seated on the train with my kids , took stock and realized I want in imminent danger and cracked open Gyatrul Rinpoche’s book to a page where he was talking about checking ones motivation at all times. I realized my motivation I changed from seeking to practice for the benefit of myself and others to getting to do away with these uncomfortably feelings. Simply realizing this and reaffirming my commitment to the Path was enough to put the brakes on and turn it around.

May we take the sufferings of life as lessons along the Path and not squander this short life.

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