Posted by: Upāsaka | 05/23/2016

I make the firm aspiration to practice humility and modesty, concealing my virtues and practices from others.

Let me start by acknowledging how hypocritical voicing such an aspiration may seem on a blog dedicated to sharing my practice. I hope that, because I try to keep my identity hidden,  you’ll forgive me and focus on the practical aspects rather than than personal ones.

I have found in the past that I am all too eager to present my practice portfolio when questioned as of it are an objective proof of its efficacy. I used to be proid to say that I am for this much time on the mat, I do this much walking meditation, etc. In fact, I used to use an app that not only timed my meditation but would then share it. And for what? I think, largely, to feel like an experienced practicioner instead of the hack I often seem to myself.

At present, all of this is still a work in progress but I just don’t see the use of value in sharing measurable details about my practice work anyone who I’m not looking to as a teacher on the path. Humility of a virtue praised by the wise and, even if my mind doesn’t yet comprehend its full meaning, I hope that practice and habit will deepen my understanding.

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