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68. Wherever these five are found, whether in a king or a farmer, a general, a village headman, a guild master, or leaders of the clan, growth may be expected and not decline.
What five?
Take the case of a clansman who with wealth acquired by work and effort, gathered by strength of arm and sweat of brow, justly obtained by lawful means honours, reveres, venerates and respects his parents. They in turn regard him fondly with thoughts of love, and say: “Long life to you and may you be protected.”
Thus for one who regards his parents fondly, growth may be expected and not decline. The same is also true for his wife and children, servants and workfolk; the same obtains for those who work his fields, and his tenants, and also for the gods; the same applies to recluses and Brahmins. When he regards them fondly, they will say: “Long life to you and may you be protected.”

Anguttara Nikaya III.76

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