Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 01/21/2016


This morning,  despite receiving underling news about my business, I made the determination to sit regardless. After about a half an hour I realized that the mind was getting pulled away and stuck on the myriad worldly thoughts that looped again and again. Luckily I recalled the thought of death at that point and began to spend time reflecting first in the parikamma “mahanama.” I soon switched to actually positing the idea trust today I would die and imagine scenarios where this would happen.

What is interesting about today’s experience is that it was so much more vivid than our normally is when I come to it dry. To me, the fact that the recollection of death touched on so deeply is proof that they’re was at least a modicum of concentration. Small victories like these are all I need to keep pursuing the path and I am thankful to the Lord Buddha for his Teaching and dispensation.


  1. Hello friend, just wondering if you have engaged in any maitri practices? And good for you to sit regardless! It takes great courage to train in being present.

    • Thank you Lorien. Yes, I try to do metta at least once a day.

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