Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 08/14/2015

Karuna and Khanti Parami

225. If anyone abuses you to your face, strikes you with a fist, throw clods of earth at you, beats you with a stick or gives you a blow with a sword, you must put aside all worldly desires and considerations and train yourself like this: “My heart will be unwavering. No evil words shall I speak. I will live with compassion for the good of others, with a kindly heart, without resentment.” Thus must you train yourself.

Majjhima Nikaya I.124

I must day that the verse above really hot home with me today and I was fortunate to be able to turn it over in my mind throughout the course of the day and,  even more so,  to have spent the lady ten minutes or so of my evening meditation reflecting on it. It was really on tonight’s session that the verse revealed itself to me as soaking boot sorely to the the necessity of developing compassion on the path but that provisional to doing so is a modicum of skill in forbearance and restraint; in other words khanti is a conditio sine qua non of karuna.

No great insight there I suppose but it helped me to address and overcome the hurt uand resentment I felt tonight at the mother who twice promised my son on his birthday today that she would send her kids right over to celebrate. Luckily he has an excellent disposition and is quick to forgive but patient forbearance was sorely needed before I could offer forgiveness and compassion to her.


  1. Oh! It’s hard to practice forgiveness toward those who have hurt our children, I think even harder than finding forgiveness for those who have hurt us. You have the great fortune of knowing that forbearance is an option…and now I encourage you to meet with compassion your own desire to see your son happy, peaceful, and at ease.

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