Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 08/14/2015

Happy Caribbean Uposatha

It’s an Uposatha day and, if you didn’t already know it, I’m on vacation in Costa Rica as I write this. I had almost decided that I wouldn’t bother observing today because it would be “too hard” and the conditions wouldn’t be supportive but, as I began to write, my mind changed.

For those of you who don’t know,  the Uposatha has its roots in pre-Buddhist traditions (or so I’m told) and the lunar observance day was adopted by the Buddha as a day of intensified practice and study (see the Uposatha Sutta). My own experience with the observance has been long and varied but over the years I have come to appreciate it as an integral part of the practice.

Through the years I have found that I have not always been able to devote my full attention to study and contemplation on the Uposatha but it had always served as an excellent opportunity to cultivate the paramis of renunciation  (nekkhama), effort (virirya), resolve (aditthana) and patience (khanti) if nothing else.  So, although I mai not be able to contemplate the Dhamma all day long or commit to extra sittings may I at least cultivate qualities that will lead to the end of suffering. Sukhita hontu!


  1. It’s hard to maintain a practice when the routine is disrupted. I admire even the slightest effort to keep up with practice when on vacation. I’m about to leave with my family for a few days at the beach. We’ll be staying in a hotel. I’m wondering where I’ll sit…it’s hard to keep up with my practice when I don’t have a quiet place. But I will sit somewhere, somehow! Probably the bathroom…

    • I hope your bathroom practice is going well!

      • Actually, I wasn’t able to make that one work! The kids woke up repeatedly last night so I was pretty tired by morning, meaning that I wasn’t able to rouse myself early enough to be able to sit in quiet. I envisioned myself sitting out on the balcony, or by the ocean…but neither of these manifested. So hard to be a single meditator in a family where every one else is not meditating.

      • I know the feeling! I hope you were able to get a few moments of mindfulness in today nonetheless.

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