Posted by: Upāsaka | 06/23/2015


“With regard to external factors, I don’t envision any other single factor like friendship with admirable people as doing so much for a monk in training, who has not attained the heart’s goal but remains intent on the unsurpassed safety from bondage. A monk who is a friend with admirable people abandons what is unskillful and develops what is skillful.”
— Iti 17

I have been puzzling over this impulse to find or even create a lay Buddhist organization that would serve both as a ground for personal development in the Dhamma as well as promote acts of charity and service in line with the Teachings and in the spirit of the brahmaviharas. What I am beginning to see is that I need to make  a fat gayer effort at cultivating those friendships and acquaintances I already have. To do otherwise strokes me as disingenuous and wrong. May I seek to associate evermore work the wise and leave the company of fools.

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