Posted by: Upāsaka | 06/22/2015

A Lay Buddhist Fraternal/Sororietal Organization

I have been thinking a lot lately about how good it would be to food a Buddhist organization that served as a kind of network to make and sustain spiritual friendships while simultaneously supporting the bhikkhu and bhikkhuni Sangha. unlike those organizations wick currently exist and have charity and engaged social action as their only goal,  the type of group I am in search of would also serve the purpose of strengthening one another’s practice and growth in the Dhamma. Traditionally the larger Buddhist community has served this purpose but with the fracturing of traditional communities not only is the continuation of the Sangha in jeopardy but many of us do not have the benefit of associating worth a group of like-minded individuals.

So,  my question is really two-fold: does such an organization exist and,  if not,  is there a desire for one? 


  1. I would certainly join such an organization!

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