Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 05/19/2015

Forgiveness in the Body

This morning I wanted to experiment and find or where I hold aversion and grudges in the body. I have been realizing ever more clearly how I habitually hold onto patterns of ill-will in the mind which are then often expressed as areas of contraction in the body. And, although my concentration was not strong enough to go deep into the body I did feel it in a generalized way throughout the body.

It’s easy to forget just how important formal practice is and to simply go through the motions but by clearly song out a plan of what I wanted to work on I found it much easier to stay focused and develop at least a modicum of concentration. Rather than allowing this moment of seeing intention to, itself, become rote I hope I learn to be kind and patient enough to really see what the mind and heart are calling for so that I can respond appropriately. In doing so I can begin to work on these deeply conditioned patterns and learn to act more from a place of love and kindness.

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