Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 08/08/2014


This morning I was awoken from my first full night’s sleep in two days feeling refreshed but circumstances were, as always, imperfect. My family of four shared one bed while my father-in-law slept in the twin bed next to us. Suffice it to say that the kids were threatening to waken him so, despite myself, I roused myself in irritation to try to put things in order. Discontent with imperfection had begun to take root in my heart.

With that situation taken care it was onto food, drink and the hundred other pursuits dedicated to securing creature comforts. It was at some point during my frantic race to eat something tasty, get enough coffee and generally ensure that my day was proceeding just-so that I realized I was acting as if all of this were owed to me. I was simply concerned with stuffing myself with sense pleasure and had forgotten to reflect for even a moment with gratitude for all that I was able to receive. Worse yet, my discontent was allowed to have free reign over my heart, pushing it on to voraciously devour each new experience with no regard for anything but its ephemeral pleasure.

May I never allow myself to delight in the senses with mindless abandon. May I always be grateful for all I receive and, whenever there is anyone with whom to share, may I always put my needs and wants last. 


  1. Well said. The important thing is that you have mindfulness about it. Good or bad, skillful or unskillfully, desire and aversion; it all seems to happen in a split second. Isn’t it amazing? It’s another turn on the Hamster wheel, Samsara.

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