Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 07/20/2014

Don’t Give Up

201. I have learned two things: not to be content with good states one has already developed, and not to give up trying. Without giving up, I keep trying and think: “Gladly would I have my skin, bones and sinews wither and my flesh and blood dry up, if only I can struggle until I win that which can be won by human effort.” It was by earnest endeavour that I won enlightenment and the highest freedom from bonds.

Anguttara Nikaya I.49

I have been feling somewhat down and dejected lately because I haven’t been living up to my expectations for practicing while my family is away. When I firat conceived of the summer Dharma tour I seem to have forgotten that most of my time alone was smack in the middle of Ramadhan which leaves me often without much energy for practices after work. I feel lke I have been hard on myself but, then again, the Lord Buddha didn’t go give himself too much slack either and he definitely didn’t give up. So, regardless of whether I’m being too hard on myself or not enough I can at least make the resolve not to quit and to practice everyday in whatever way I can.

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