Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 05/28/2014


For som time now I have considered myself as someone with no real enemies to speak of but as I work with the brahmaviharas and try to bring more heedfulness to bear on my life I see that this simply isn’t true. Yes, I may not have a vendetta against anyone and there is no one to whom I genuinely wish harm but I have aversion and ill-will towards any number of people at any time. And, although I may not spend day after day thinking about my enemies and plotting revenge I yet feel the heaviness in my heart and my vision is darkened by it nonetheless. So, it only makes sense to work specifically with those beings towards whom I have animosity to try to release the bonds of aversion which are surely made up of strands of delusion and have no ultimate existence outside of my own perception.

So, how to proceed. Currently I am working on a few different techniques to soften the heart while getting to the root of the aversion. I will post more later on the subject if it seems like a line to follow. In the interim, Happy Uposatha!

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