Posted by: Upāsaka | 01/16/2014


My alarm failed to go off on two occasions this morning. Such an innocent thing but in the world I have come to create it means that my productivity for the day has been reduced by two hours and my formal practice fell to the wayside. And yet there is an almost immediate sense of rebellion at this idea of lost productivity and there is something that surely feels inhumane to regard oneself as little more that a faulty lever to be pulled or a gear with broken teeth.

Where is the middle? Where to find escape here?


  1. Our bodies we have to care for,the only vehicle we have…so to get a bit more rest maybe was best investment…Dhamma is about inner happiness,lightness…its there but we must rediscover.. children are good teachers..we adults tend to take life too serious..outside world is innocent..wish you joyfull day,moment to moment..

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