Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 11/04/2013

Driving All Blames into One

Yesterday ended up being a disasterous failure in terms of the uposatha observances. I am inclined to run through a laundry list of reasons why this was so but as I have beenm pondering the mind training verses I have come to realize ever more poignantly that all that happens is a result of my failure to do the work of liberation. All of the other sufferings of my life are accidental to the prime cause: a failure to understand the four noble truths. Furthermore, allowing the quotidian sufferings to push me into creating causes for more of the same would be the height of folly but is something I have surely done innumerable times before stretching back to infinity.

May I take responsibility for my sufferings and strive ardently to free myself from bondage.

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