Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 08/14/2013

Where am I suffering?

It appears that I forgot to post yesterday which is no surprise given the circumstances. It was both my son’s birthday and the day we suffered one of the biggest set-backs we’ve possiblly ever encountered in our business. So, naturally, I forgot about the blog.

The thing I have been realizing, however, is that despite all the fear, panic and uncertainty, there really isn’t much more to it than thoughts and feelings in the body. Yes, when not viewed with mindfulness the fear paralyzes as it seeks to persuade you that things will get much worse in unimaginably cruel ways but, in the moment there are thoughts that chatter on like madmen and butterflies in ones stomach or a cold chill in one’s hands and feet. Nothing more, nothing less. And then there’s the vedana: pleasant, unpleasant or neutral in terms of its feeling tone. It’s no surprise to say that none of these experiences are pleasant but just peeling it back to see that and stopping the aversion in its tracks is solace enough.

Sabbe dhamma anatta.

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