Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 06/27/2013


I think the single, greatest stumbling block to maintaining mindfulness of the breath throughout the day is simply remembering to do it all. I have tried, for some time, to use an hourly reminder on my phone but this has not proven to be very effective. It seems to me that frequently repeared actions such as getting up from a seat or opening a door would better serve to remind me to return to the breath than an hourly chime. With that in mind, I am going to try to experiment with using the following as reminders to return to the breath (if only I can remember to do so):

-Getting up from a seat
-Sitting down
-Laying down
-Getting up
-Walking through a door
-Walking up or down stairs
-Before speakiing

I think this is a good list to start with and addresses the four postures of the body although I still need to consider what events I can use as mnemonics while I am seated for long periods at my desk.

The last event, “before speaing,” is a last minute entry and it is something I have tried before with limited success but could save my life if I can manage to do it. I think, with that addition, I will have plenty to work with so I will stop there. I think the one thing I need to remember is that it is truly enjoyable and refreshing to turn to the breath rather than be drawn and quatered by an unending procession of thoughts.

May our daily lives become fields of merit and liberation!


  1. I find myself returning to breathing deeply [for a few minutes] each time I have negative thoughts–at least it helps me to be reminded in your daily thoughts.

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