Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 06/26/2013

Breath in Mind

In the group with whom I practice, one of the key instructions is to keep the breath in mind throughout our days in order to have a refuge to which we can go when needed and to strengthen our mindfulness and concentration (at least, that is how I understand it). 

My point here is basically this: for as many years as I have been practicing with this lineage I have never really been willing or able to keep the breath in mind throughout the course of my day. When I stop to consider the reasons whhy this may be so I think it all comes down to doubt; doubt in my ability, doubt in the instructions and doubt about the goal of the technique. So, over the years I have tried to devote more and more time to formal seated meditation and, although the results have been great they have not really carried over into my life OTC (off the cushion).

The situation of late has completely spiralled out of control and I have only now been able to appreciate the solace, sense of spaciousness and clarity that mindfulness of the breathing is able to bring to bear on all the various and subdry states that pass through. So, I make the aditthana to cultivate the breath as continuously as possible during my waking moments as a means of refuge and a path to release from bondage.

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