Posted by: Upāsaka | 04/27/2013

Radiating Metta – Alternate Transalations

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As some of you may know, I have been using a set of traditional metta phrases which I borrowed from Ven. Thanissaro. I have had some success with the technique of reciting the phrases either singly or in rondo form but this is not to say I have not had difficulty with the translations of some of the phrases. Inspired to take another look at the prevalent, English translations I was surprised to learn that I have probably been doing it all wrong. The most common alternative to the Wat Metta and Amaravati versions that I have found online is as follows:


Aham sukhito homi
Niddukkho homi
Avero homi
Aroko homi
Abyapajjho homi
Anigho homi
Sukhi attanam pariharami
Sabbe Satta
Sukita hontu
Niddukkha hontu
Avera hontu
Aroka hontu
Abyapajjha hontu
Anigha hontu
Sukhi attanam pariharantu
May I be happy,
may I be from suffering,
may I be free from enmity,
may I be free from illness,
may I be free from malice,
may I be free from suffering of body and mind,
may I protect my own well-being.
Whatever beings there are,
may they be happy,
may they be free from suffering,
may they be free from enmity,
may they be free from illness,
may they be free from malice,
may they be free from suffering of body and mind,
may they protect their own well-being.



You will note that abyapajjho homi is translated as “may I be free from malice” which seems to me the more sensible translation than what I had been using before and the addition of aroko homi which was not present in the version I have been using. For whatever reason, this adaptation resonates with me so I will switch to it for the time being until, of course, my mind changes again.

May all beings live in safety and security!


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