Posted by: Upāsaka | 02/26/2013

Confession of Faults

Yesterday was the uposatha and although I was able to keep my precepts unbroken for most of the day when I finally got home around 9pm I was in such a state that I broke down and ate the dinner my wife had mistakenly prepared. Hardly a tragedy but being in the especially weakened state I found myself in last night I definitely took it harder than I would have expected.

Needless to say that I hate to break resolves once they have been made but when it happens I suppose the best one can do is to be honest with oneself about what has been done and resolve not to let it happen again (which in itself may entail a whole series of related undertaking and resolves). One practice that I have found to be very helpful in keeping me honest and allowing me to work through any feelings of guilt or remorse is the act of confessing my fault with others on the Path. Just admitting publically that we are subject to failure has provedn to be immensely helpful in curbing egotism. Simultaneously, my own admissions of weakness have almost always been met by my Dhamma brothers and sisters with compassion, care or commiseration which has only helped to strengthen my practice. May we all be grateful for the goodness of others! Sukhitaa hontu!


  1. There is value in the effort, I think. I don’t even really bother trying to observe the Uposatha precepts if the observance day falls on a weekend because I feel like I’m being rude to my wife who will be cooking and going about her business just the same as any other day. In my case, maybe I’m just trying to keep the peace a little, but I’m sure there is some laziness mixed there in my mind just hiding…

    Be well, friend.

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