Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 02/25/2013

Happy Uposatha – Magha Puja

Today is Magha Puja day and, frankly, I don’t feel up the challenge which is not to say that I won’t be observing but I assume that much of today will be about trying to skillfully navigate the resistance. It’s funny (and completely sensible) but observance days always seem to be times when the hindrances come on stronger than usual. I find myself lingering on a pretty face, always about to break out in a silly tune with my kids or inclined to react aggressively when someone shoulder-checks me on the platform. for better or for worse, fatigue always exagerates these tendencies so today should be a special treat. Being the day that the Lord Buddha gave the Fire Sermon to 1250 arahants though I don’t feel quite right slackening. What laughter, what joy when all is consumed by the flames of birth, aging and death?

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