Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 01/05/2022

Welcome Back

It’s been quite some time since I last wrote here and that has largely to do with both my emphasis on physical training and conditioning and the fact that we decided to get cars as a result of the pandemic and the need to take our little one to school in Brooklyn. As a result, I lost my normal train commute which was when I composed most of my posts and I didn’t take the time to write in the morning before leaving because, from 3:30AM on, I’m booked solid with chanting, meditation and training. All of which is to say that I made a deliberate choice to prioritize other things.

I have now made the choice to add this blog, which is really nothing more than a public, online journal, back into my daily schedule. Why? Well, because I feel like it can be a good place for me to flesh things out although I have to admit that it has often been used in the past as little more than an outlet to complain. As such, I intend to stick with the maxim of Marcus Aurelius:

Complaining - The Stoic Buddhist
“Do not be overheard complaining…not even to yourself.”
-Marcus Aurelius

I hope that the reflections, contemplations and practices I share here will be useful to someone (if no one else, at least to myself) but all of those things are outside of my control. Tomorrow I will post my daily routine for physical, metal and spiritual conditioning and development but for now I will wish you all well.

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