Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 08/17/2021

Stones in My Shoes

Every suffering, every form of dukkha can be put to good use while we’re on the path to understanding and liberation. At least, it seems that way to this unenlightened wordling.

A hard rap to the shin can be a meaningless mishap or a part of shin conditioning for Muay Thai. Stones in your running shoes can be seen as dangerous annoyances prone to cause blisters or gifts of the road to toughen your feet. An endlessly unhappy and critical wife could be the grounds for divorce or a unique opportunity to practice mettā and khanti parami.

It seems to me that I have many lifetimes yet to go before a deep understanding blossoms. Until then may I take as my goal the cultivation and perfection of the brahmaviharas and an indomitable will. May I turn all suffering into an opportunity to strengthen my body and mind and may I eventually break through and comprehend the Four Noble Truths.

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