Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 07/07/2021

Training Every Day

Or, perhaps, training every moment would be more apropos. I woke up this morning, meditated and then ran to my boxing gym for an hour of bag work and cardio. I then ran home, showered and changed and took the train to work. After I finished I ran to the center in Bayridge Brooklyn for two hours of BJJ. Some time in there my wife crashed the car and was frantically trying to reach me.

Fortunately she’s fine but the car has seen better days. Now I’m on a train to Long Island to get her mother’s car and bring it back.

Not so long ago I would have been bitterly lamenting (internally of course) my fate. Today, however, I’m inclined to view it as an opportunity to train the mind much as I have been training it through meditation and martial arts.

Can I weather this annoyance without getting knocked too far off center? Can I set and reset my intention to be one of generosity and compassion?

I hope to make the most of this short life and how else can I begin to do that if I am never tested?

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