Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 04/25/2021

Been Awhile

It has been some time since I last wrote here but that didn’t mean I have given up the Dhamma and other contemplative practices. Rather, I have been dedicated to daily posts of Dhammapada verses as well as finding and posting teachings that I find inspiring from a variety of sources (truth be told they are usually Stoic or Classical philosophers).

And, although I may decide to repost those here as well (I primarily share those on my Instagram and Facebook pages), I feel that this blog is the only place where I feel comfortable sharing my own thoughts openly. FB and IG are spaces where one is often asked to defend one’s thoughts and opinions which is, of course, completely fine. However, it didn’t serve as well as a kind of discursive and contemplating workshop for that very reason.

So, what have I been up to? Well it’s currently Ramadan so I’m fasting out of respect for family tradition. I’m also doing the #75Hard challenge which requires me to workout twice a day for 45 minutes each (one outdoor session required), drink a gallon of water and a as free other things. It’s been great so far and has really helped me to strengthen my discipline and resolve. Concurrent with that I made the determination to log 100 Fitbit Active Zone Minutes everyday for a hundred days and I’m already halfway through.

I am still training Boxing, TKD, and Kickboxing weekly (2 days of boxing and kickboxing and one of TKD) and am hoping to add BJJ one or two days a week to finally add the grappling piece to my repertoire. I have definitely become a little obsessed but it is something I enjoy and keeps me in good shape.

In terms of intellectual pursuits, I’m taking an herbalism and foraging course to better prepare for any eventualities. It’s been great and not I can identify and gather a large amount of wild edibles here in NYC. In addition to that I have been studying Irish for the last three months and have made some good progress. Tá Gaeilge á foghlaim agam. It’s one of the most difficult languages I have studied but the connection I feel to it has kept me going.

Finally, I have been trying to maintain an hour of formal practice everyday. What this looks like is usually 20 Minutes of reciting Itipiso, 20 Minutes of buddho with the breath and 20 Minutes prone meditation (with buddho). In addition I try to do 108 prostrations to Lord Buddha daily.

So, that’s what’s been going on. I will attempt to be more disciplined about writing here from now on and will likely use my no posts to explore worries that strike me.

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