Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 02/16/2021

Memorization: Dhammapada Verse 2

2. Mind precedes all mental states. Mind is their chief; they are all mind-wrought. If, with a pure mind, one speaks or acts, happiness follows him like his never-departing shadow.

Please find the audio recording of this verse here. I have included the Namo tassa as it is customary to recite this homage before reading the words of Lord Buddha.

Be sure to repeat the verse, with the verse number at least ten times out loud. It helps if you can do this multiple times a day. As we progress we will eventually be trying to keep previous verses in mind as well so try to make a solid start.

The Illustrated Dhammapada, Treasury of Truth, gives the following context and explanation for the opening verse of the Dhammapada:

Explanation: All that man experiences springs out of his thoughts. If his thoughts are good, the words and the deeds will also be good. The result of good thoughts , words and deeds will be happiness. This happiness will never leave the person whose thoughts are good. Happiness will always follow him like his shadow that never leaves him.

I have also been using the Memorize By Heart app in conjunction with playing the audio file throughout the day to memorize the verse. Please find it here:

I have included my recitation of the first and second verses here as well. I intend to recite all of the verses learned to date and will provide it at the end of each post:

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