Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 01/10/2021


Empires rise and fall, but the mind remains. That’s got to be your perspective. Because the mind remains not only through the death of the body but through many, many cycles of the Universe. So you’ve got to get it into good shape, because otherwise it’s going to take you to weird places, undesirable places.

The Most Important Thing to Be Doing

I have been thinking a lot about this teaching lately. With American society being as delicate as it is and human civilization seemingly on the brink of a major shift hit could I not? And, trust, we got some writing test results back for our youngest. There is no solid ground anywhere and it is good to recollect that daily.

Given the incredible fragility of our situation what is more important than dana, silā and bhavana? Nothing and yet I spend 23 hours of every day pretending as if that weren’t the case. If I want to truly prepare myself for the worst and be able to skillfully ride out the storms that are bound to come then I must do the real work.

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