Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 09/22/2020

A Fence

I fast on a daily basis but often feel that I am giving in to sensual pleasures and gluttony when it is time to re-feed (I kind of hate that term but it is just vulgar enough to fix the attention on the base act that eating really is). I was happty to find this reminder in my inbox today.

Great Middle Way

iron, fence, ornate, cemetery, metal, old, ancient, historical, ornamental,  antique | Pikist

One of the things that the Buddha advocated as an antidote to sensual desire is moderation in eating. […] Moderation in eating does not mean eating nothing. It is eating enough to keep the body healthy. But this is a sensual desire that is easily gratified and one that arises again and again. For some people four, five, six times a day!

If we can put a fence up against one of our desires, we are going to be able to put a fence up against some more. One fence can keep out many desires. So, the one that is so easily gratified and arises so often is the one to start with.

—Ayya Khema

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