Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 09/05/2020

Daily Discipline

Daily Conditioning Routine for September-October. I scaled back my goals to make them achievable in a daily basis as well as to more accurately align with my aspirations. On the advice of Sifu @shamburgerjack I have cut running down to one mile sprints. I am also trying to spend more time on flexibility, kata and kicking and shadow boxing drills. Tai chi is helping tremendously with balance and core strength. And, of course, prostrations and a minimum of one hour of formal meditation.

These are intended to be a bare minimum and I hope to someday be able to return to the dojo for ohana and training.

Why am I sharing? There has to be some ego involved but I also genuinely hope that sharing aspirations will be helpful to those who have similar aims. A commitment to discipline, to just committing to something and doing it everyday, has proven to be the best mood enhancer and self-esteem booster I have ever encountered. Even if your mind tells you it’s pointless and makes myriad excuses about why you should stay in bed out Di simmering “fun” instead, how much better will you feel not having given up on yourself? Anyway, rant off. Be well!

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