Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 06/21/2020

Happy Father’s Day to Me

Why I expected today to be any different I may never know. Call it hope. Call it delusion. But now I’m on a train platform back to NYC as my wife and kids celebrate Father’s Day with my in-laws.

It is not worth the time or energy to recount the save miserable facts over and over again. All that does matter is the v v quality of my mind and heart and I am applying all of the antidotes I know to keep those from souring.

There is no end to shoulds and oughts so I refuse to indulge in them. Besides, nothing happens that we don’t deserve.

Nothing happens for which we, ourselves, haven’t sowed the seeds.

Knowing this, how can I be upset? With whom should I be angry? Should I, like an insensate dolt, just continue to plant more of the same seeds that created this unpleasant condition in the first place? No. May I instead forgive all. Let go of all and return to tranquillity.

Happy Father’s Day.

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