Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 05/30/2020

Nothing to Be Sad About

So it really seems like this is it. I am capitulating and taking the steps needed to make this happen as the constant threats, screaming, yelling and criticism are turning more physical. Enough is enough. My kids are suffering and no good will come of it.

She expected me to fight her on these things. She wants sole full custody: she may have it. She wants to get spousal support: so be it. My kids are no less or more mine regardless of what it’s written on poem and ink and if a court determines that I owe such an amount then I will pay it. Small price to pay for peace.

She now wants to mourn and asks why I don’t cry like she does. I ask her: “Where have you been all this time? Why mourn now when everyday was cause for grief?” And I tell her “I’m only sad when there is a chance that something could still turn out differently. There’s nothing to be sad about anymore.”


  1. Hi. I hope that during this difficult time you will be able to remain focused inwardly only. All the best!

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