Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 05/23/2020

Dhammapada 7

Subhanupassim viharantam

indriyesu asamvutam

bhojanamhi camattannum

kusitam hinaviriyam

tam ve pasahati Maro

vato rukkhamva dubbalam.

He who keeps his mind on pleasant objects, who is uncontrolled in his senses, immoderate in his food, and is lazy and lacking in energy, will certainly be overwhelmed by Mara, just as stormy winds uproot a weak tree.


  1. Dear friend, With deep respect, I’m writing to you for financial support to my people in Tuichawng is a remote village situated in the southern Mizoram near Bangladesh border. The inhabitants of the village are mostly minority Chakma people. During this pandamic covid-19 everything is closed and lock down. The free ration their getting from the government is not sufficient for the 550 families.
    So, Our organization have been unanimously decided to raise donations to provide rice, dal, oil and potatoes for these families.
    As such, I on behalf of my people reaching out to you to appeal for your generous support to provide immediate relief for these families.

    So, I do fervently pray and request you to extend your helping hands in fundraising as much as possible to achieve our target amounts of funds are Rs. 5 lakhs only.

    For which acts of your graciousness i shall remain ever grateful to you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Sudip Chakma
    Donation can be sent to the PayPal account given below:-

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