Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 03/04/2020

Opinions, Kings and Thieves

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I’ve done it to myself again: I’ve invested too much in the external world, politics to be exact, and have been burned once more. I somehow believe that my opinion is the correct one. I really do think I am right and the thousands of people voting for Biden are wrong. When will I realize that what I think ought to be has no necessary relation to how things are?

And, even if I am somehow “right,” what does it matter? What if people ought to  support Bernie Sanders? Does that mean those who don’t are worthy of contempt? How silly of me. Perhaps it’s time to recognize that my view is one among myriad and that political opinion does little good any way you look at it. Perhaps it’s time to refocus my efforts on being a better person and clarifying Right View rather than arguing about kings and thieves.

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