Posted by: Upāsaka | 02/16/2020


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“Sakka, King of Devas, all beings, whether deva or human, asura, nāga, or gandhabba, have an earnest desire to be free from enmity, danger, enemies, sorrow and anger. However, they live in enmity and danger amidst enemies, sorrow and anger. This is due to issā (envy) and macchariya (meanness, stinginess).”

Maha Buddhavamsa: The Great Chronicle of The Buddhas

I’ve been feeling a little stingy, or perhaps to put it more precisely, a little afraid of not having enough money. I’ve run into a lot of expenses lately hile simultaneously giving less than I feel I should (although I have still been making charitable contributions and Sangha-dana on the days like the current Uposatha).

Anyway, I went in search of teachings on stinginess and ran across this passage frome the Mahabuddhavamsa. Canonical or not, it is just what I was looking for. Wishing you all freedom from envy and stinginess on this uposatha day!

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