Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 11/07/2019

Worldly Activities

You do not have to abandon worldly activities in order to attain effortless unconcern.

You should know that worldly activities and effortless unconcern are not two different things, but if you keep thinking about rejection and grasping, you make them two.

—Hui Neng

I saw this post on Ven. Tashi Nyima’s blog this morning and I found it fitting despite the fact that I’m always uneasy about prajnaparamita. Why? Simply because, in my mind, Zen/Chan is a finger finger pointing to the moon. It’s not the moon itself and it won’t tell you how to get there but it’s important to remind oneself of the goal from time to time.

For me, Theravada provides the blueprints and materials we need to build our own rocket ship to get there but it requires an awful lot of work which it’s why Zen and Pure Land are more popular. Who didn’t like the sound of sudden enlightenment? Better yet, who wouldn’t rather believe themself to already be liberated?


  1. Sadhu! Original Teaching is the best, Suttas and Vinaya ..why to settle for less? Inside I aleays imagine a big stone thrown in a calm lake…the first splash is the original….then the rings become weaker and weaker…..

    Best wishes for the practise and thanks for the blog…its always inspiring

    Metta from Sri Lanka

    • Sadhu! I couldn’t agree more Ayya!

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