Posted by: Upāsaka | 10/09/2019


I got into an exchange in Facebook yesterday with a Stoic philosopher I respect regarding what I view as nihilistic and annihilationist teachings. In essence, the wrote in question exhorted is not to worry about death since it will be the end of experience. Naturally, I took issue with that.

What is even more interesting about the exchange, however, is how quickly I became attached to the veracity of my view but also to the idea of convincing the other party of it. Unable to do so, there was yet a part of me that took a small measure of comfort in the thought that he was wrong and would suffer for it later. Clearly, in this case at least, my intention was to look after my brother’s welfare by correcting a pernicious view. No, this was an argument that would now be used to further the aims of my ego.

The feelings of ill-will and desire to prove my point lasted surprisingly long but I’m thankful for having been able to take a lesson from the situation. May I be heedful of my motives and always strive to align my intentions with the Dhamma.

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