Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 10/02/2019

Dhamma Desana

This morning I noticed that Ajahn Anan had published a new Dhamma talk and some questions and answers to Insight Timer. So, I decided to use good talk ad the subject of my first forty minutes before switching to gratitude, forgiveness, tonglen and metta for the last twenty.

There were a number of reflections that got home but perhaps the most poignant was the Venerable Ajahn’s recommendation that we give obeisance to the Tisarana every night and chant Itipiso and (I imagine) the refuges and precepts. Why? Simply because we never know if we’re going to wake up in this world or another. We never know if this will be our last night in this body.

I have been feeling complacent since I have more or less been getting my hour of meditation on every morning and have allowed my evening practice to fall away completely. So, rather than taking it and committing to another 15 minutes every night I will instead simply commit to refuges and precepts and the Itipiso, Svakkhato and Supatipanno chanting.


  1. Thanks very much for sharing and the reminder…especially the sentence that we never know what will happen next.

    After your post came in i just used the Itipiso 10 time to remember the school shooting in an Amish school in Pennsylvania exact 13 years ago…10 times, for each of the girls, (5 dead and 5 injured)

    I.m still touched about the amazing quality of forgiveness this Amish Community developed…..not as an emotion…only because their deep faith that this is the right thing to do….and a healing way too.
    I often told the story to my buddhist friends, monastics and lay here in Sri Lanka.
    It’s the real Dhamma!

  2. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! Thank you for the reminder dear Ayya! I will dedicate the merit of my practice today to the Amish and cultivate mudita for their acts of forgiveness.

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