Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 09/26/2019

An Exercise to Deal with Lust

I apologize in advance if the subject of this post is a bit too forward but, as someone who is working towards brahmacariya and the perfection of the paramis, I have found this advice to be worth sharing. Bear in mind that these are Hindu/Vedic techniques but I see no reason not to make use of them.

“During the time of sex-irritations. sit down cross-legged or kneel down in an open place. Inhale slowly, and very slowly but cautiously close the anus firmly, bring the lower. abdomen towards the spine, be uttering OM and slowly. very slowly and cautiously drag the irritating force from the very tip of the genitals backwards towards the anus and then upwards towards the head, and then exhale slowly. Continue this process for ten or twenty minutes. Be uttering OM all the while. While tracing the mind from the tip of genital towards the head, think that you are actually taking the irritating force from the genitals upwards. While inhaling or taking the breath inside, think firmly that you are filling your whole body and mind with Purity, holiness, strength, power and perfection. While exhaling, think that you are throwing out from your mind and body, all the impurities, weaknesses, disease, lust, sins and other evil things. This process will help immensely and will save you from the fall. This, process can be practised daily in the morning and in the evening with an empty stomach for ten to thirty minutes. If this practice is regularly carried out, it will help one very much to retain Brahmacharya, to check wet dreams, and to dry and convert the secreted semen into the great mental energy called Ojas Shaktiâ. This method helps meditation also”

(Swami Narayanananda,The Way To Peace,Power,and Long Life)

After attending to the calls of nature and with an empty stomach sit straight cross-legged in a clean place. free from dust and dirt and pleasing to the mind,or sit inside a well -ventilated room. Inhale slowly through both nostrils.Draw the stomach and lower abdomen towards the spine and upwards. Close the anus firmly by contraction and very slowly and cautiously draw the energy from the very tip of the genitals to the brain.While taking the energy upward,trace the mind from the tip of the genitals along the Sushumna canal (along the spine) up to the brain centre..After thus tracing the mind,along the spinal column up to the head,,exhale and relax the stomach,the lower abdomen ,and the anus..Then again inhale through both the nostrils as before and continue the process again and again,without any rest or stopping..Be uttering “Om” mentally throughout the process. While tracing the mind from the genitals upwards along the spinal column,presume think firmly that you are taking the energy from the Swadhisthana back to the Muladhara,and thence towards the head-centre along the Sushumna Nadi. Think that you are actually taking the energy to the highest centre Sahasrara.In the beginning imagination is necessary.

(Swami Narayananda,The Primal Power In Man)

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