Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 09/23/2019

Workout of Restraint

I’ve mentioned before that the exercise routine I’ve decided to take up often leaves me feeling sore and tired. And yet, I know it is good for me and I see that I’m actually getting physically stronger. Yes, I’m also bearing witness to a lot of whimpering and whining but, on the whole, I know it is a good thing and that it will bring long term benefit.

Al of which brings me to this observation: The struggle to overcome laziness and lethargy seems to me to be very similar to the exercise of my sila. Yes, it is painful at times to restrain myself but I know that it is for my long-term benefit. In fact, cultivation of sila is superior to physical workouts in that it also brings ease in the short term (one the initial burning of craving has subsided).

Finally, any of this so-called external training is worthless without the practice of restraint. Muscles rot. Memories will fade. Kamma is my only patrimony.

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