Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 08/22/2019

Modesty and Mudita

I posted the quote above to my FB wall and a kalyanamitta responded that they would like me to share the good I’ve done. I also posted a similar quote earlier in the day by Epictetus and a Venerable bhikkhu friend corrected me in the same way. He said if there is no conceit (mana) in the mind then it is appropriate to speak of one’s good deeds.

Clearly, this is a conundrum. How does one avoid becoming puffed up while at the same time cultivating an appreciation for goodness? To me it seems that the only real way to navigate the situation is through speaking of one’s goodness only work kalyanamitta. In mixed company one is liable to inspire hatred and resentment. And, true kalyanamitta keep us honest, correcting is when we’ve gone astray.

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