Posted by: Upāsaka | 08/15/2019

Happy Uposatha – Recollection of Death

This morning as I was considering what meditation subject I should take up I stumbled across the following:

I have listened to it before but, despite the restlessness of the mind, I really felt that it was important for me to get this right now. This body will end in death; it will not go beyond it. And yet, I live and act as if I were immortal.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the more I train this body through exercise, martial arts and fasting, the more fascinated with and attached to it I seem to become. I don’t intend to stop my routine but wisdom is seriously lacking. I hope through maranassati and patikulamanasikara I can get a grip on this craving and grasping after the physical form so that I don’t waste my life cultivating a pile of flesh that will quickly rot away when life departs.

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