Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 08/07/2019

Why Not?

Why won’t I breathe my last today? Why won’t I never see my children’s faces again? Why won’t I never see another sunset with these eyes? Why is it so easy to believe that this life, this body will go on without limit?

How many people wake up on the morning of their death and contemplate its possibility? How many of us die in car accidents, of strokes, of gunshots without having ever really considered the inescapable fact of death?

Why won’t our sons, daughters, mothers, fathers and spouses die today? When thousands die every minute, why do we think we’re immortal? Why do we believe our loved ones are beyond the reach of death? Death may come for any of us today and if you tell me not to be morbid I’ll ask you this: why not?


  1. Because I’m an optimist ….. and you’re not?

    • Well, my optimistic friend, you’re still going to die. And, so will the rest of us. Be well!

  2. Sadhu! Excellent! That’s our biggest ignorance…others die..but not me 🙂
    We get a package with the birth…but we forget it..
    May we always keep your meaningful questions in mind !

    Big thanks for the blog

    • Ayya, thank you as always for your wisdom and words of encouragement. Bhavatu sabba mangalam!

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