Posted by: Upāsaka | 08/02/2019


My habit of judging others and secretly considering myself as somehow better has come into clearer focus lately. It was recently divulged that one spouse in a married couple with whom my family is good friends had been carrying on an affair. Naturally, all “good” friends have rushed to take the betrayed’s side. And, although I, too, want to offer support to the harmed I have suddenly found myself unable to form a feeling of ill-will towards the cheater.

Perhaps it’s the realization that I have committed the same wrongs in this life and those previous. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have the full context and never will. Perhaps it’s because my judgement and criticism is meaningless to anyone but myself; the only harm or good or will do is ultimately to myself. And, what good is aversion towards our mother beings in any case?

Perhaps I’ve managed to grab hold of a small pearl of wisdom. It’s certain, however, that I should do my best to burnish and polish it while guarding r mettā in my heart as if it were my only child.

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