Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 07/29/2019


I watch my mind complain about this and that and I’m astounded that I can be so assiduously dissatisfied in the midst of plenty and paradise. Is it the threat of future suffering and scarcity that leads me to discount the bounty of the present moment or is it that I’m afraid to accept (let alone embrace) the goodness of the present.

Clearly, there is a snare in every pleasure and it would be far better to become disenchanted by pain than intoxicated by desire. But, what about balance and equipoise? I have lived my life with a perception that has leaned a little too far into the shadow and it is a constant struggle to temper it with the light. Yet, if I were to follow my natural disposition to be a seeksorrow I would surely end up in the peta or hell-realm in short order.

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