Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 07/25/2019

Vacation Lust

Although I’m estranged from my wife, seeing her scantily clad body in these tropical settings is no easy thing. Luckily, this little device contains the sutta pita a in electronic form and I found the following verses in the Samyutta Nikaya by Ven. Vangisa begging the Ven. Ananda for help:

721 “I am burning with sensual lust, My mind is engulfed by fire. Please tell me how to extinguish it, Out of compassion, O Gotama.” 502 [The Venerable Ānanda:]

722 “It is through an inversion of perception That your mind is engulfed by fire. Turn away from the sign of beauty Provocative of sensual lust. 503

723 “See formations as alien, As suffering, not as self. Extinguish the great fire of lust; Don’t burn up again and again. 504

724 “Develop the mind on foulness, One-pointed, well concentrated; <406> Apply your mindfulness to the body, Be engrossed in revulsion. 505

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