Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 05/17/2019

Emergency Metta Practice

It should come as no surprise to anyone who reads this blog or, perhaps, anyone born into this human realm, that I’ve found myself embroiled in yet another bitter argument. Well, it’s honestly a lot more asymmetrical but I still have to deal with the ill-will it’s bringing up inside.

Regardless, suffice it to say that there is now a person who I would rather avoid and who definitely doesn’t elicit warm and fuzzy feelings. As a result I’m doing everything I can to pacify my heart and clear away any hatred and resentment. The first step in doing so send to me to be nothing short of emergency metta practice.

Using my trusty mala I do a round for the person who had angered me and then switch to someone it’s easy to feel metta for. Rinse and repeat. Clearly it’s not ideal but, to extend the metaphor, formal meditation would be like undergoing surgery in the hospital whereas this type of practice is akin to triage in the field. May I bandage my heart with skill ands may the medicine of metta heal these wounds.

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